Synergy for LEED®

Synergy happens when the collaboration between people creates something greater than the sum of their individual efforts. That is what we want to happen when working with Synergy for LEED®.

Synergy for LEED - The Tool


Synergy for LEED® is a tool for LEED project teams that believe in transparency, collaboration and integrative design.

Synergy for LEED - The Platform


Built on a platform called Podio, Synergy for LEED® offers a radically different way for LEED teams to get things done.

How Synergy for LEED® is different

A social platform fostering better collaboration.

A series of Apps that can be tweaked  allows you to structure your work the way you want.

A shared project workspace for easier communication.

The integration with LEED Online allows you to manage everything on one single shared platform.

Main features

Total transparency
Synergy for LEED

All information in your project workspace is shared with the whole team. That way everyone is informed and up to date.

We believe that transparency is not only helpful for organizing your work, it also makes work more engaging and enjoyable. Synergy for LEED® helps to increase sharing and fosters team culture.

Incredible flexibility
Synergy for LEED

Each project is different, each team works differently. You don´t want a rigid software that needs workarounds to reflect the way you and your team work.

Synergy for LEED® offers you the flexibility to define how you want to work without spending money on IT.

Conversations in context
Synergy for LEED

Synergy for LEED® puts all your conversations in the context of your LEED project enabling you to tighten your communications while reducing your team´s email load.

Custom visibility
Synergy for LEED

Synergy for LEED® lets you create the views and reports you need. That way you can get the oversight you need or dive into details.

Deadlines, responsibilities and goals become clearly visible for everyone on the team.

LEED online integration
Synergy for LEED

Your team can access LEED Online Forms and upload LEED documentation straight from Synergy for LEED®.

Status updates in LEED Online and review comments are send to Synergy for LEED® to make sure your team is always up to date.

Amazing support

We do support a little differently. When you start using Synergy for LEED® as a LEED project manager, you will get personalized training to make sure you get the most value out of it.

We have been using and improving Synergy for LEED® over the last couple of years and we take pride in helping you improve your team performance through the use of Synergy for LEED®.

Connect with existing systems
Synergy for LEED

The Podio platform connects seamlessly with many popular file-sharing and productivity tools. That way everyone can keep using their favorite tools while Synergy for LEED® ties it all together.

... and much more
Because we built Synergy for LEED® on Podio, we are not only offering you a structure set up to run a LEED project but the many features Podio offers will help your team to work better.
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